Insights fuel success

We help companies generate data and actionable insights from their key stakeholders; employees, customers and investors. Our projects use a number of established research methodologies, these include online surveys, telephone interviews, focus groups, leadership roundtables and face-to-face interviews

We pride ourselves on producing insights and quality reports, which in the past have covered:


  • The limitations of the End of Service Benefit (EOSB) system
  • Succession planning in the GCC countries
  • EXP0 2020: a high stakes event
  • Middle East Investment Panorama
  • South Africa Investment Panorama

What’s on your mind today?


Does your company require insights and data on a new trend, product or market?

Through desk research and the use of a research tool (such as a professionally moderated focus group, an online survey or face to face interviews) Insight Discovery will produce a bespoke report with fresh insights and recommendations

Does your company require a 'thought leadership' report to position your business and/ or CEO as an expert on a particular subject?

Insight Discovery will host a leadership roundtable and organise everything on your behalf, which will help fast track the project. Our award winning reports have successfully started many lively debates and secured extensive PR for our clients

Does your company require data and contacts on potential investors in the Middle East?

Insight Discovery Confidential is a subscription based website which provides invaluable information on all the leading advisory firms in the Middle East, along with the key contacts at all the tier 2 and 3 institutional investors in the Middle East

Does your company need help with a research programme in either Africa or Asia?

Insight Discovery’s research reach has extended beyond the Middle East, we now assist companies with projects in South Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa and Asia

Does your company lack visibility and profile in the media?

Insight Discovery’s past reports have generated so much media coverage in both the local and international press that a new service is now available, media support for financial services companies. This is in partnership with Peregrine Communications, which offers a complete range of communications, design and marketing services. Peregrine have offices in the UK and US

Does your company have an unmotivated and unengaged ‎workforce?

An Insight Discovery employee engagement study, supported by a first class questionnaire, will generate actionable results and an action plan

What makes us different?

  • We are constantly creating innovative research projects and new ways to conduct research. For example, in 2013 we launched an EXPO study within 30 minutes of Dubai winning the EXPO 2020 bid. Over the next three weeks we interviewed over 1,000 UAE residents, the final report with the findings was published before any other competitor
  • Employees and customers are more likely to be open and speak their mind to an independent research company like Insight Discovery. We guarantee confidentiality and always reiterate nothing will ever be attributed to any individual
  • The experience and seniority of our team
  • The quality of our reports and dashboards, we don’t use clip art in any of our presentations!
  • Our ability to reach out to influential decision makers
  • Some of the largest companies in the world (HSBC, BlackRock, Zurich) and both large and small regional firms have entrusted us to conduct projects on their behalf

A multiple award winning company