Case studies- Middle East

Exploring the-end of-service benefit (EoSB) dilemma

Objective: To understand the issues that surround the payment of gratuities, a legal obligation for companies in the Middle East, and create a debate on what should replace EoSB. This was Insight Discovery’s third report on the same subject, the last report was produced in 2014 for RBC

Approach: Involved desk research, interviewing over 120 CFOs, generating case studies in partnership with both a Dubai government agency (DED) and EY, hosting a Leadership Roundtable with key stakeholders, writing the report and managing the PR

Outcome: A Zurich branded white paper which has continued the EoSB debate. Other outcomes included a media campaign which resulted in the report and Zurich being quoted in every key media outlet in the UAE. PR far exceeded the client’s expectation, report was covered by media outlets which included The National, Gulf News, 7 Days, Arabian Business, 103.8 Business radio, Bloomberg, Sky News Arabia and CNBC Arabia.
Zurich also posted the report on their LinkedIn page, which has over 180,000 followers. The engagement levels though this social media campaign far exceeded the average for the financial services industry

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Middle East Investment Panorama 2015

Objective: To understand the challenges and opportunities facing both financial advisers and bank gatekeepers in the GCC. Survey covered many other topics, such as asset allocation trends, which asset management and international insurance companies were preferred providers and the media

Approach: Interviewed more than 200 advisers in GCC, included all the CEOs of every leading advisory firm in the UAE. Survey was conducted using a mix of research methodologies; online, telephone and face to face

Outcome: A report which covered the results of the survey as well as a detailed analysis of hot topics, such as: the regulatory landscape in the UAE, courtesy of Clyde & Co; DIFC, an attractive domicile for funds; the easing of sanctions against Iran; SAMA’s reduction of its portfolio foreign securities

Not only did MEIP 2016 attract a record number of partner firms, 31 in total, but it was widely circulated by the DIFC, who show cased the report (over a period of several weeks the report was in the lobby of all their 18 buildings), and other partner firms such as Clyde & Co

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Expo 2020

Objective: To understand what would be the impact on Dubai after winning the bid to host Expo 2020 in terms of economic growth and the impact on sectors such as real estate and financial services

Approach: Over a period of four weeks we interviewed 1,300 UAE residents, using both online and telephone interviews

Outcome: Report was produced within six weeks of the survey being launched. The report covered many topics,the key one being the challenges the Government faced in terms of managing residents’ expectations over the next six years. The increase in the cost of living was the number one concern, for this reason the report was titled Dubai Expo 2020, a high stakes event.Media campaign was a great success, with all the key local papers covering, in detail, the results

How innovative? This project was launched within two hours of Dubai winning Expo 2020, all the ground work was prepared in the months leading up to the announcement. We were the first research company to launch such a study and examine, in a disciplined way, the crucial question, what do UAE residents really think about EXPO and what might be the impact on their lives?

Employee engagement

Objective: Conducted for a leading bank in the GCC for three consecutive years

Approach: Online and offline interviews covering over 2,000 bank employees, in 15 countries around the world. Survey was offered in three languages, Arabic, English and Portuguese

Outcome: Employees were very responsive to this study, response rate was always over 80%, in the third year we achieved a record 87% response rate. The management of this bank took note of the feedback of their employees and have since introduced numerous changes on the back of our action plan and recommendations