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Insight Discovery is a multiple award winning consultancy that specialises in market intelligence, strategic communications and event optimisation.

We provide solutions and support to major conglomerates, government agencies and many of the world’s largest and best known financial institutions in all three of these arenas.

For four years running, Insight Discovery was voted ‘Best Consultancy Firm In The Middle East’ by Global Investor, part of Euromoney.

Our proven success shows we’re outstanding at what we do.

We focus on:

  • Emerging markets such as the Middle East, Asia, LATAM and Africa
  • The financial services sector, although our clients now span other sectors


WHy hire insight discovery?

We are innovative

We are constantly launching innovative research projects and new services.

As an example, in 2013 we launched an EXPO study within 30 minutes of Dubai winning the EXPO 2020 bid. Over the next three weeks we interviewed over 1,000 UAE residents with the final report being published before any other competitor.

We guarantee confidentiality

When conducting research those being interviewed, whether it be for an employee or customer project, are more likely to be open and speak their mind to an independent research company like Insight Discovery. By assuring confidentiality, we gain employees’ trust, leading to valuable feedback

The experience and seniority of our team

CEO Nigel Sillitoe, has over 25 years’ experience in marketing, press relations and sales management.

Team members include seasoned specialists in corporate copywriting (Andrew Hutchings) research (Paul Gebara and Sudha Shettihalli) and PR/media training (Tim Harrison)

Quality of our actionable reports

We generate bespoke research reports with fresh insights and actionable recommendations.

For example, Insight Discovery brought the End of Service Benefit (EoSB) issues to the attention of CEOs and CFOs through 3 ground breaking reports, which generated substantial media coverage.

Proven results

Clients keep hiring us for projects as we deliver projects on time and take great pride in delivering quality work.


Some of the largest companies in the world (BlackRock, Zurich) and regional firms have entrusted us to conduct projects on their behalf.

For four years running, Insight Discovery was voted ‘Best Consultancy Firm In The Middle East’ by Global Investor, part of Euromoney.


Average response rate from our past employee engagement studies

For four years running Insight Discovery was voted ‘Best Consultancy Firm In The Middle East’ by Global Investor, part of Euromoney.

Every year, for the past three years, Insight Discovery has interviewed over 35 CEOs of local and international banks in the UAE.

Interviews conducted in October 2017. Interviews were conducted in Chile, Brazil, UAE, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam



“I have known Nigel since my arrival in the Middle East and have commissioned him to undertake several pieces of research for our business. Nigel has proven to be a very reliable business partner, providing top quality output and, in my view, is very much the leader in his field.”

Chris Divito
Managing Director – Middle East & Africa at Friends Provident International

“Nigel was & still is one of, if not the, point of reference for asset management in the region. He is an excellent public speaker, polite & professional & extremely well regarded by his industry piers. Braver than most, he has taken the plunge into a new market & has set up his own firm ‘Insight-discovery’ (Market Research). In difficult times, he has rapidly gained the trust & respect of clients, won mandates with leading institutions & all this without a hint of arrogance. I have great confidence in introducing Nigel & Insight-discovery to my clients. Feed back has consistently been positive. I urge small or large institution looking for a quality service in regards market research to approach Nigel. I can assure you it will be a pleasant & rewarding experience.”

Peter Greaves

“I’ve worked with Insight Discovery for several years on various research projects globally. Nigel is both charming and well connected meaning he is able to reach certain contacts where others might struggle. We have found the insight coming from him and his team to be invaluable as it has enabled us to make robust decisions as a business rather than decisions based on hearsay or individual opinion.

Philip Cernik
Chief Marketing Officer at Friends Provident International

“I have worked with Nigel on various projects in my capacity as CMO, Zurich Life, MEA. Nigel is a rare breed, fusing old school ethics, hard work and integrity with new school innovation, creativity and flexibility in approach. He is extremely well connected in various UAE professional communities and I look forward to continuing to work with Nigel for many years to come. Keep up the good work Nigel!!!”

Yusuf Jehangir
Experienced CMO with international and GCC experience within financial services

“We were looking for a firm that truly understood the Middle East and could help us position our products to the right channels thus saving us a huge amount of time and money. The research was excellent and Nigel delivered it within budget and ahead of time.”

Stuart Alexander
Co-Founder and Chief Executive at Gemini Investment Management

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