We will never share or spam your email address.

We will never share or spam your email address.
During these challenging times it is more important than ever for companies to receive regular feedback from their most important asset, their employees!

EmPulse is a bespoke online survey which your employees working from home can take from either their laptop or mobile phone. Only by outsourcing the survey to an independent research company like Insight Discovery will you be able to generate a high response rate, our average is 86%

This new management tool offers the following benefits

  1. Keeps employees engaged and motivated, shows that you care about their well-being
  2. Generates regular actionable feedback
  3. Survey can circulated to staff via email, SMS or Whatsapp
  4. You decide how often the survey is circulated to employees- can be twice a week, once a week or fortnightly
  5. Takes employees less than 90 seconds to complete
  6. You design the 5 questions (one is open-ended) in partnership with Insight Discovery
  7. You will receive the headline results on a regular basis, with tracking so that you can compare the trends
  8. Best of all it’s cost effective tool, fee is based on your number of remote employees and the frequency of the survey