Our Approach

Our CIO says “the intersection of art and science is wonder” – which is the place we always aim for.
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We stay focused on long-term gains based on a multi-pronged investment philosophy

Guiding principles we follow:

  • Multi-cycle investing increases returns and reduces volatility risk
  • Multi-asset diversification improves returns
  • Transparency, honesty and commitment breeds investor trust
  • Innovation improves processes and returns

Key features of our investment funds and mandates:

  • Broad diversification
  • Exposure to the core developed markets in Europe, the US and Asia, not in speculative assets or emerging regions like Africa and the Middle East
  • A clear, convicted allocation strategy that doesn’t change at the first sign of trouble

Our Key Differentiators

Our CIO, Simon Fentham-Fletcher, is directly responsible for all the investment decisions in our private wealth business.

This ensures accountability and clarity. While there is support from firm’s investment specialists, we don’t believe in decisions by committee.

Our other unique features include:

  1. Apolitical: we don’t have external factors to consider.
  2. Ownership: we “eat our own cooking” and have a significant amount of our net liquid assets invested in our own strategies.
  3. Consistent: we are not day traders and instead take a longer-term view, even if that hurts us at times, but we do expect to outperform over the cycle.