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Professionals seeking exposure to global asset allocation
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Our typical private wealth clients are professionals who seek to exposure to global asset allocation, while maintaining weekly liquidity within their portfolio.

The AUM threshold for clients is important as investments range from a minimum of US$50,000, and after making their initial investments, clients then typically make incremental investments of US$10,000 or more.

This positions us as able to provide a more bespoke approach to clients than a traditional IFA, and to deliver unparalleled client service to individuals that private banks often consider too small to justify any flexibility or personalization.


Client benefits

Access: direct access to funds curated and run by an Investment Manager, who has an impressive track record and credentials, based on vast expertise and experience gained at global fund houses.

Liquidity: weekly liquidity, if needed, without any charges for exits or entry.

Communication: regular insights, by way of a Monday morning email into market trends, along with fund strategy and performance, to ensure a transparent picture of the investment landscape and decision-making process.