Strategic Communications

Effective press relations solutions tailored to your needs.

Insight Discovery offers two solutions: Strategic Communications plus, a monthly retainer offering full agency support, and Ad Hoc, a more flexible service created for companies only requiring one-off campaigns.

The region’s media has become very fragmented. The solution to this lies in integrating an array of communication tools that allows for a more rounded approach to meet the needs of the business community in this region.

We strongly believe that a corporate communications plan developed as a stand-alone concept, no longer works successfully in the Middle East. Only utilising the media to relay press releases is no longer a strategic way to communicate with your stakeholders.

The keys to a successful Corporate Communications strategy for companies in this environment are: receiving excellent advice from an agency, having the right budget to action the strategy, building great rapport with the media and trusting the agency to deliver a professional, corporate communications plan that will add to the reputation of the company. It is imperative to select an agency that understands the local conditions, and has a proven track-record – which we do.

UAE-based media holds a strong position in the region when it comes to readership, trust, intelligent articles, balanced opinion pieces and reputation. The UAE-based press therefore, is a very good starting point for our strategy.



We have an in-house media trainer (former Head of Communications at HSBC) who can support your spokespeople with a bespoke media training module, either remotely or face to face. We also have access to an excellent Arab speaking media trainer


A good story needs the right set of newsworthy messages, our workshops will help you develop the right ones


We have access to experienced financial services copywriters, some have worked with Insight Discovery for over ten years. These copywriters create punchy press releases that deliver results, articles and content for websites


We work with several excellent corporate translators who can help translate your press release or any other document into Arabic or any other language


Our media monitoring service is customised to your requirements, we can monitor your print, online, TV and radio interviews


If you have an interesting story to tell we will place your article with the most relevant media outlet, often on an exclusive basis. This is an area where we have plenty of experience and success

Presentation Coaching

Some people seem to be naturally gifted presenters. Confident, fluent and compelling, they can charm and mobilise any audience. But the fact is that no-one is a natural presenter. Good presenters have just worked harder on their preparation and practice.

Insight Discovery can help people to become great presenters. So whether you are presenting to large or small groups, in person or remotely, to colleagues or delegates or Boards, we can help you turn good into great.

Stakeholder mapping

Identifying the audiences that are important is a critical part of any communications programme. Our stakeholder mapping workshop is a collaborative process that will help you to identify, prioritise and target the audiences that will make a difference to your business.

Market Intelligence

Bespoke projects with fresh insights and actionable recommendations.

Over the past nine years, Insight Discovery have conducted hundreds of market intelligence studies. Our award winning reports have successfully started lively debates and secured extensive PR for our clients as well as providing them with valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

We focus on the following key areas:


Customer projects

These are often brand perception or new product testing market research studies. We apply different methodologies, for example: online surveys, telephone interviews, focus groups and face to face interviews to achieve the sample size, which can vary between 30 interviews to several thousand.

Our success and credibility has made us the go-to company for conducting sensitive, face to face interviews amongst C Level Executives, particularly CEOs.

Syndicated projects

Recently, we have noted a marked increase in demand for our syndicated offering – where the costs of the project are shared amongst a number of clients.

A good example of a syndicated research project is our flagship Middle East Investment Panorama (MEIP) report which is now in its eighth year. During 2020 MEIP attracted over 15 partner firms, including many of the world’s largest asset management companies.

Employee engagement projects

Companies who are not afraid to ask searching questions amongst their employees recognize the real value of this intelligence.

Insight Discovery guarantees complete confidentiality, which results in a high response rate from these studies – our average is 84%.

We have conducted these online surveys for companies of varying sizes. The smallest study was for an IT company with 89 employees and the largest was for a bank with 3,500 employees across ten countries, with the questionnaire in four languages (English, Arabic, Spanish and Hindi.)

Bespoke projects

We help companies to map out and generate data on a particular market or sector. Numerous case studies are available upon request.
Event Optimisation
Maximising remote events across the region.

Insight Discovery has plenty of experience in managing and hosting remote events using the Zoom webinar tool; case studies are available on request

Remote events in the MENA region sit at the intersection of market intelligence and strategic communications and are valuable sources of insights.

We know the key issues and the key people. Our aim is to not only organise your event, but to optimise it and add value.

We are proud of our record of organising and moderating many events across the region and maximising the impact these events have.

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